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138 Products found
Click Valve
Item #: 21Y21
Valve closure system with the audible “click” that confirms proper positioning
Push Valve
Item #: 21Y14
TransFemoral Push Valve with a high structural height well suited for patients with limited finger mobility
Mag Valve
Item #: 21Y15
Valve with a low structural height, closed with magnetic force
Vacuum connector
Item #: 2R119
Connector based on the Push Valve design.
Harmony Valve, straight, 5 pc (P3,Triton
Item #: 4R142
Valves for use in Harmony P3 and Triton Harmony
Derma Repair (package of 6)
Item #: 453H14=GB
Promotes regeneration of dry, irritated skin
Derma Prevent (package of 6)
Item #: 453H12=GB
Protective coating to prevent chafing and contact with allergens
4-Hole Endoskeletal KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=2
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems with anti-rotation for transfemoral applications
Delrin KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=1
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems laminated into socket
Shuttle Lock for O.B. Conventional Liner
Item #: 6A30=10N
Shuttle lock best fitted with patients who have a muscle contracted joint or an unusual alignment line.
Derma Clean, 6 Pieces
Item #: 453H10=GB-N
Cleans gently and safely
Harmony E2 with TF Adapter Plate
Item #: 4R152=1
For use above wider knee and feet components
Shuttle Lock with Adjustment Screw
Item #: 6A20=20
A shuttle lock with a pyramid receiver ideal for longer residual limbs
One-Way Valve
Item #: 4R140
One-way valve ideal for the fabrication of vacuum socket systems
Uneo (Uniform)
Item #: 6Y520
A simple and effective liner made from skin-friendly polyurethane.
Shuttle Lock with Plastic Housing
Item #: 6A30=20N
Lightweight water-resistant plastic shuttle lock ideal for patients with contracted joints or atypical alignment lines
EMS Multi-Surface Flexible Inner Socket
Item #: 6S400
Inner socket system used with Harmony vacuum volume management system
Dynamic Vacuum System
Item #: 4R220
4R220 DVS vacuum pump for use with 6Y94 DVS liner
MagnoFlex Lock - US Version
Item #: 6A40=US
Shuttle lock with innovative magnetic pin guide
Shuttle Lock, Pyramid
Item #: 6A20=30
Shuttle lock with pyramid that works like the 6A20=10, except it features a smooth pin
TF Suspension Belt
Item #: 21B37
TES Belt / AK Suspension Belt
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y77
Anatomy Specific Geometry with built in knee flexion and added thickness where needed
Technogel Sheet
Item #: 616S116=50X50X0.6
Skeo (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y42
Silicone liner with a textile cover that makes it easy to put on and take off.
Uneo Unique (Custom TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y400
Custom PUR liner from cast and measurement form.
Technogel Sheet
Item #: 616S8=50X50X0.3-5
Uneo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y512
Polyurethane liner provides even pressure distribution and a precise, comfortable fit for below-knee fittings.
Uneo (Tapered) with cover
Item #: 6Y523
With textile cover
Skeo Skinguard (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y85
With Antibacterial properties that improve hygiene and reduce odors
ProSeal SIL Liner
Item #: 6Y81
Special, durable silicone liner for transfemoral vacuum socket fittings
Caleo (Uniform/ Locking)
Item #: 6Y90
Locking liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel and distal no-stretch matrix
Uneo (Tapered) without cover
Item #: 6Y522
Cushion liner without cover.
Caleo (Uniform/ Cushion)
Item #: 6Y92=K
Cushion liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel
Caleo 3D
Item #: 6Y93
Ultra skin-friendly and easy to use liner option for low to medium activity transtibial amputees
Akquire PUR Liner
Item #: 6Y540
Polyurethane comfort in a shorter design specifically for transfemoral fittings
Item #: 616S134
Skeo Pure Locking
Item #: 6Y43
Transparent “Liner with a View” to monitor fit and skin condition
Skeo 3D (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y87
Unique shape to better fit the TF limb with full length no stretch matrix and is KISS suspension ready
Skeo Skinguard (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y75=K
Same features as 6Y70 Skeo silicone liner plus Skinguard antibacterial protection
Liner – Dynamic Vacuum
Item #: 6Y94
For use with 4R220 DVS Dynamic Vacuum System
Harmony P4 Vacuum Pump
Item #: 4R180
Mechanical vacuum pump with Vertical Shock and Torsion
Harmony P4 Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump
Item #: 4R181
Harmony P4 Heavy-Duty vacuum pump with vertical shock and rotation
138 Products found