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Image Library

Please select the links below for images to be used in educational materials or pieces that promote the appropriate use of Ottobock products.

Ottobock provides the materials in this download site and in other areas of our website as a courtesy, as long as they are used in a manner that is appropriate, respectful, and aligned with Ottobock policies, procedures, product use directions, and copyright law.

Using the image for formal education is appropriate, as is their use for Ottobock product promotion. We do not give permission to use the materials on our site to promote other company’s products or for use that is offensive or counters the documented use of our products.

Please contact the Ottobock Communications department at if you need additional resources or have any questions about whether your use is in line with our guidelines.

All images are the property of Ottobock, and we reserve all rights for usage. Please indicate they are courtesy of Ottobock when you use them.

Microprocessor knees and feet
C-Leg® 4  Download
Genium  Download
X3  Download
Compact  Download
Triton® smart ankle  Download
Mechanical knees  
Includes 3R60, 3R62=N, 3R80, and 3R93  Download
Lower limb prosthetic
Our full line of Triton® feet along with Aqualine and ProCarve.  Download
Socket tech
Includes Harmony® vacuum pumps, custom liner, and a sleeve and gaiter.  Download
Upper limb prosthetic
Includes Michelangelo, SensorHand Speed, Myoboy, and pediatric components.  Download
Includes C-Brace, E-Mag, Aqualine, Unilateral Joints, and WalkOn.  Download
Athletes competing in the games.  Download
Central fab
Includes images of prosthetic and orthotic fabrication along with product service.  Download
Ottobock logos
Four-color and one-color logos.  Download