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Whether you are searching for pediatric products, custom seating and positioning, cushions, standers, or power chairs, Ottobock has an extensive portfolio. Whether you are selecting from standard options to optimize your patient's solution, or you require custom molding and design, Ottobock is ready to help with the world-class technology that goes into our products and our education and fabrication services.

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12,275 Products found
PAL Ramped Seat Cushion Size2 Blue
Item #: 415C78=SK020-24
PAL Ramped Seat Cushion Size 2
Size 3 Hip Laterals Pink (pair)
Item #: 415N83=PK503-351
Hip Support (Must select one option)
PAL Ramped Seat Cushion Size2 Green
Item #: 415C78=SK020-22
PAL Ramped Seat Cushion Size 2
Cover 3, pink
Item #: 415A80=SK070-07
Cover (Required) Size 3 Cover Pink - 07
hip laterals size1, BB
Item #: 415N83=PK501-36
Hip Support (Must select one option)
Cover 3, royalblau
Item #: 415A80=SK070-02
Cover (Required) Size 3 Cover Royal Blue - 02
Cover 3, aquamarin
Item #: 415A80=SK070-01
Cover (Required) Size 3 Cover Aquamarine - 01
RH Abduction Assembly Sz 1
Item #: 415B88=RK050
Cover 4, royalblau
Item #: 415A80=SK080-02
Cover (Required) Size 4 Cover Royal Blue - 02
Cover 4, aquamarin
Item #: 415A80=SK080-01
Cover (Required) Size 4 Cover Aquamarine - 01
Size 1 Med. Extended Knee Assy,Pink,pair
Item #: 415J83=PK511-351
Knee and Foot Support Includes: Standard knee assembly and basic foot assembly with standard support shell
Mygo - stander size2
Item #: 414G88=52000
Size 3 Horizon Support Frame Export Blue
Item #: 415A83=SK506-36
Includes: Chest/Backrest, Spine assembly, Knee supports, Flexi Chest laterals, Hip assembly and basic footplate
Side pads, size3
Item #: 415N136=PK023
supine belt size1, BB
Item #: 415N83=SK521-36
12,275 Products found