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Leckey Squiggles EAS

Maximizing Future Potential

For babies and young children, playtime is a time of development and learning. Playing is essential for sensory, physical and cognitive development. Playtime options may sometimes be limited for babies with special needs. This is where support for early childhood development becomes key.

Children will benefit from targeted therapy support using suitable medical aids. Experience has shown that children only require minimal support from medical aids during therapy, thereby offering maximum freedom of movement. This allows the therapist to support their movement patterns in a targeted manner. Therapeutic aids are created to help prevent developmental delays and complications. They also facilitate support and exercises for improved development from infancy.

  • Enhances early intervention programs for infants at home or preschool
  • Wipe clean components
  • Machine washable floor mat
  • Supine, Prone and Sitting positions
  • Includes the Activity Development Program Book
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