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Leckey Corner Sitter

Portable adjustable seating

The compact and portable Leckey Corner Sitter unit is a useful tool for both carers and users to provide additional support on the floor or on a kitchen chair.

Floor play is part of any child’s development. Corner sitting provides a floor sitting option for those with mild to moderate postural needs who can sit up independently with mild assistance that the corner sitter can provide. This makes circle time and floor play feasible when hands need to be free for play.

The corner sitter comes with a hip belt and adjustable winged sides for those children who do not require a high degree of postural support. A pommel helps to provide leg abduction to encourage long sitting and hamstring stretching.

The corner sitter is designed to allow the hands to be free for play, as well as improving opportunities for social interaction and communication. A large activity tray is available for table top activities.

Available in 3 sizes.

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