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Walk Star Posterior Walker

Pediatric Walker

The Walk Star is a great posterior walker for kids on the go! This folding gait trainer comes in five sizes and three colors, and fits kids as young as two years old. Telescoping frame tubes allow the Walk Star to grow with the child, and a wide range of accessories make it a great solution for all types of clinical conditions.

Accessories include a large range for clinical pictures, such as vertical hand grips with forearm supports and hip pads for stabilizing the upper body. The Walk Star posterior walker helps support an erect posture and natural movement while letting nothing get between the child and the world.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame in five sizes
  • With a minimum grip height of 15.4 inches and a maximum grip height of 40.2 inches, the Walk Star fits kids of all ages.
  • High stability means it won’t easily tip over
  • Swivel or locked front wheels: swivel front wheels allow the child to make quick turns, while locked front wheels make the system more stable
  • Reverse-roll locking devices on rear wheels
  • Optional friction braket
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