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Nurmi Neo

Supporting Your Child's Movements Every Step of the Way

The Nurmi Neo™ walking aid has a strong but flexible frame that's designed to promote movement and natural gait. It's one of the lightest frames on the market, while at the same time offering one of the highest load capacities. The height-and depth-adjustable grip bars and a wide selection of accessories allow the Nurmi Neo™ to grow and be adjusted to a child’s needs. The Nurmi Neo™ assures a high degree of security thanks to anti-tip bars, reverse-roll wheel locks, optional swivel wheel locks and friction brakes. In addition, the Nurmi Neo™ offers a seat option that can be used as needed, and won't drop down as the child moves forward. Kids and parents like it because it's sporty and fun. Therapists like it because of its endless options for adjustment.

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