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Suggested HCPCS Codes

The responsibility for accurate coding lies with the patient care facility that selects the product, fits the patient, and bills for the service.

The product/device “Supplier” (defined as an O&P practitioner, O&P patient care facility, or DME Supplier) assumes full responsibility for accurate billing of Ottobock products. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria is met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for services/products delivered. It is also recommended that Supplier’s contact insurance payer(s) for coding and coverage guidance prior to submitting claims. Ottobock Coding Suggestions and Reimbursement Guides are based on reasonable judgment and are not recommended to replace the Supplier’s judgment. These recommendations may be subject to revision based on additional information or alpha-numeric system changes. 

Suggested L-Codes for Prosthetics

Prosthetic suggested L-Codes  Download PDF| 0.1 MB
MPK Coding Options  Download PDF| 0.2 MB
Above Elbow Myobock System Coding Options (includes Dynamic Arm)  Download PDF| 0.1 MB
Below Elbow Myobock System Coding Options  Download PDF| 0.1 MB
Above Elbow – AxonBus System Coding Options (Michelangelo, AxonHook, AxonRotation AxonArm Ergo & Hybrid)  Download PDF| 0.1 MB
Below Elbow – AxonBus System Coding Options (Michelangelo, AxonHook, AxonRotation)  Download PDF| 0.1 MB

Suggested L-Codes for Orthotics

Orthotic Suggested Coding (NEO Orthotics and Bracing & Supports)  Download PDF| 0.1 MB