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Kimba Seat - Winged Headrest

Kimba Seat and Neo MPS Seat- Seating Evolved

The Kimba name is synonymous with quality for kids.
Now, in its third generation, the Kimba® Neo sets a new standard in pediatric care. The mobility base reflects function and simplicity for parents, while providing maximum comfort and support for the child. Ottobock Pediatrics is all about inclusion, and providing solutions that support children in the home, school and community settings.

With two new seating solutions for the Kimba Neo Mobility base, therapists, Rehab Technology Providers, and families can choose which seating is best for their child’s unique needs.

Some children just need good foot, pelvic, and chest support to be positioned for success. For these children, the Kimba Seat should be a perfect solution for just enough support. The back pan features a winged contour and padding ensuring some lateral head support without being restrictive.

Some children need more customized head support which the Neo MPS seat provides. The tool-less adjustable headrest hardware ensures the child will always have the perfect fit as their positioning needs change throughout the day.

Both seats offer a range of positioning accessories for a customized final fit.

The Kimba Neo base and accompanying seating systems offer the most comprehensive solutions in pediatrics today.

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