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Ali with Genium walking her dog

Microprocessor Knees

In 1997, the C-Leg® was introduced to the world as a powerful alternative choice to mechanical knees. With more than 60,000 fittings and more than 15 years of practical experience and research, Ottobock has created a family of unmatched microprocessor knees developed to meet the specific needs of people with different lifestyles.

With the family of Ottobock knees, you are able to make informed clinical decisions and deliver a knee chosen specifically for the individual’s level of function, ability, and activities.




C-Leg 4


Stance control Intuitive and deliberate stance option Intuitive and deliberate stance option Intuitive or automatic stance Locked or intuitive stance
Real-time swing control  √
Stumble recovery feature
Optimized Physiological Gait    
Walk-to-run feature    
Dedicated running mode      
Battery life ~ 5 days ~ 5 days ~ 1.5 days ~ 1 day
Corrosion resistant      
Electronics IP rating 68 54 67 22
Maximum knee flexion angle 135° 135° 130° 124°
Maximum user weight 275 lbs
(125 kg)
330 lbs
(150 kg)
300 lbs
(136 kg)
275 lbs
(125 kg)
User app available  
No-fee service requirement 12th and 24th month 24th month 36th month, condition-based* 36th month, condition-based*
Training requirement Online training course or optional one-day classroom training or Cooperative Care appointment for hands-on learning
*Service may occur sooner if the knee reaches specific condition-based thresholds.
15 Products found
Item #: 3B1-2=ST
Threaded top, Volcano Shadow
Item #: 3C88-3
Threaded top, volcano shadow
C-Leg compact Knee Joint
Item #: 3C86-1
Threaded top
C-Leg Volcano Shadow
Item #: 3C98-3
Pyramid top, volcano shadow
Item #: 3C60=ST
Threaded top
Item #: 3C60
Pyramid top
Item #: 3C88-3=9.2
Threaded top, desert pearl
Item #: 3B1-2
Pyramid top, Volcano Shadow
C-Leg Desert Pearl
Item #: 3C98-3=9.2
Pyramid top, desert pearl
Genium X3
Item #: 3B5-2=ST
Threaded top
Item #: 3B1-2=9.2
Pyramid top, Desert Pearl
Genium X3
Item #: 3B5-2
Pyramid top
Item #: 3B1-2=ST-9.2
Threaded top, Desert Pearl
15 Products found