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Spine SpecialSpine special.

Receive $50 off any spine brace in the Option, Multi, or Cyberspine series.

Promotion valid September 26 – November 30, 2018

Getting your discount is easy! Call Customer Service or order online.*

  • Option (50R218N)
  • Multi (50R319N)
  • Cyberspine TLSOx4 (50R320N)

*Specific terms and conditions apply. Promotion is only available while supplies last and for the limited time specified. This offer is non-transferrable and may not be sold, reproduced, or altered. This offer is not valid for customer-specific pricing. This offer is not retroactive on previous purchases and qualifies for one order at a time. This promotion is void where prohibited. Vaild in the US and Canada only.
Offer expires November 30, 2018.

10 Products found
OPTION, 1 (60-3627-9)
Item #: 50R218N=1
Universal LO (L1-S1)
Option 1, XL (60-3627-9N)
Item #: 50R218N=1-XL
Universal LO (L1-S1)
OPTION, 2 (60-3631-9)
Item #: 50R218N=2
Universal LSO (T9-S1)
Option 2, XL (60-3631-9n)
Item #: 50R218N=2-XL
Universal LSO (T9-S1)
OPTION, 3 (60-3637-9)
Item #: 50R218N=3
Universal LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Option 3, XL (60-3637-9N)
Item #: 50R218N=3-XL
Universal LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Multi 627
Item #: 50R319N=627
Multi 631 (60-1631-9)
Item #: 50R319N=631
Universal LSO (T9-S1)
Multi 637
Item #: 50R319N=637
Cyberspine TLSOx4
Item #: 50R320N
Premium TLSO (T2-S1) with Lateral Control
10 Products found