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Knee Orthoses

Our goal, to help and restore mobility for people, is the essence of our brand and the products we make every day. We believe that mobility defines quality of life. Ottobock’s post-operative knee, ligament, and osteoarthritis braces help patients recover from surgery, return to sports, and restore their mobility.
155 Products found
Telescoping Post-Op Brace,Short,Cool
Item #: 50K241
Range of Motion Knee Brace
Telescoping Post-Op Brace,Premium
Item #: 50K205
Range of Motion Knee Brace
Telescoping Post-Op Brace,Cool
Item #: 50K204
Range of Motion Knee Brace
Agilium Freestep
Item #: 50K4
Knee Osteoarthritis Solution
Ottobock X-PRO Ligament Knee Brace
Item #: 50K302
Ligament Knee Brace
Power Line Knee Support L
Item #: 0779004449.
SBR/Neoprene 7mm
7751=XL, Knee CL
Item #: 0775104559.
SBR/Neoprene 5mm
Active Knee Support, Grey, S
Item #: 0690304222.
Polyamide, Polyester, Spandex
XXL Knee with op for kneecap, CL
Item #: 0775404669.
SBR/Neoprene 5 mm
S Knee with op for kneecap, CL
Item #: 0775404229.
SBR/Neoprene 5 mm
Rx Knee 3mm Black/Pink XS
Item #: 105233-010133
SBR/Neoprene 3 mm
Rx knee 3 mm, Black, M
Item #: 105206-030333
SBR/Neoprene 3 mm
Tech Line Knee Support Handball XL Left
Item #: 0776514556.
Breath-o-prene®, LD Polyurethane, EVA, Kevlar®
Rx Knee 3mm Black/Purple XL
Item #: 105230-010533
SBR/Neoprene 3 mm
7751=S, Rx Knee Women CL, Purple
Item #: 07751052220.
SBR/Neoprene 5mm
155 Products found