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Announcement - Changes to Leckey Distribution:
Ottobock distribution of Leckey products will end effective December 31, 2017. In the USA and Canada, Ottobock will continue to accept orders and ship inventory up to December 29, 2017. Click here for full details.

Leckey Mygo Max

It's the Mygo you know, but MAXed

Mygo MAX is the customizable positioning system for neutral to assymetrical postures in an off-the-shelf product. It has been designed to offer all of the features and benefits of the Mygo size 1 and 2 but with greater comfort, additional growth and more options to suit the young adult population. Teenagers needing complex positioning with changing orthopedic needs now have a seating solution that can grow and adapt to them; whether for indoor seating or on their manual tilt base.

  • Contoured seat with 19.7” / 50 cm seat width accommodates the large teen or young adult without appearing wide.
  • Larger femoral guides, 2” higher than standard, these will give additional support along the length of the leg and will provide better control of abduction.
  • ID Card, MP3 holder and bag hook - the Mygo MAX can be personalized and easily identified. Along with all of the features and benefits of the Mygo size 1 and 2, the Mygo MAX has some additional grown up features. With a weight limit of 187 lbs / 85kgs and a maximum seat width of 20” /50 cm, the Mygo MAX is the ideal seat to see young people through the transition from school life onto their next adventure.
  • Mount and Movers mounting systems for augmented communication device mounts right to the Mygo Max seat so no matter the seat angle, the augmented communication device stays in orientation with the person in the seat.
  • Adjustment indicators have been added to the back spine, lateral support brackets and calf support lengths; this allows the therapist to record the optimum position for the client.
  • Adjustable ramped leg guides can be added to the seat base to achieve the desired ramped angle.
  • Sophisticated and stylish upholstery, young people want to be seen in their cool, innovative Mygo MAX.
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