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Headrest Support Hardware Only
Item #: 415L88=SK440
Hardware only, must add headrest cushion/pad. (Spare Parts Diagram-#1)
Support Harness Green
Item #: 415K89=SK402-17
Lateral Support
Mygo - Seat Shell Size 2
Item #: 414P88=42000
Seat Covers - Pink
Item #: 414P89=41100-20
Squiggles Seat Covers please combine with Shells
Squiggles Seat Shell
Item #: 414P89=41000
Squiggles Seat Shell please combine with Covers
1 Back Spacer Pad & Lateral Support Pink
Item #: 415D89=SK020-20
Further Accessories
Protraction Pads (Pair)
Item #: 415D88=PK025
Headrest bracket for ½” square tubing
Item #: 415L88=ST004
Clamp Plate for Head Rest Otto Bock
Item #: 415L88=ST002
Pelvic Cradle Size 2
Item #: 415N88=SK470
Contoured Headrest Cushion Pink
Item #: 415L89=SK425-20
Hi Low Chassis-Foot Pedal-Squiggles
Item #: 415A89=SK030
Leckey Hi/Lo base
RH Vertical Complex Lateral
Item #: 415K88=RK407
Flipaway Lateral Support Hardware
Item #: 415K89=PK410
Flipaway lateral support – Hardware only
Flat Headrest Cushion Green
Item #: 415L89=SK445-17
Headrest cushion/pad only, must add hardware (415L88=SK440).
Flat Headrest Cushion Orange
Item #: 415L89=SK445-18
Headrest cushion/pad only, must add hardware (415L88=SK440).
Flipaway Laterals
Item #: 415K88=PK015
Rigid Lateral Support Hardware
Item #: 415K89=PK420
Rigid lateral support – Hardware only
430 Products found