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Girl sitting at desk in classroom using Everyday Activity Seat

Indoor seating

Ottobock seating systems for children offer ideal body posture support. The systems are designed to be adapted to the individual’s unique positioning needs.

From modular seating solutions that can be moved between hi-low bases and transport strollers to dedicated classroom equipment with added postural support, we provide a range of solutions to meet a child's needs at home, school, and on the go.

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Indoor Seating  - Sub Categories
633 Products found
PAL Side Pads (25mm) Size 1 Green
Item #: 415N78=PK010-22
PAL Side Pads 1" (25 mm thick) Size 1 (pair)
Headrest Support Hardware Only
Item #: 415L88=SK440
Hardware only, must add headrest cushion/pad. (Spare Parts Diagram-#1)
Support Harness Green
Item #: 415K89=SK402-17
Lateral Support
1" Side Pads Size 1
Item #: 415E85=PK050-21
Cushions and covers size 3, blue
Item #: 414P136=63000-39
Cushions and covers size 3, green
Item #: 414P136=63000-38
PAL Pommel Size2-4 Green
Item #: 415C78=SK050-22
Easy Seat Complete Sz 1, MW
Item #: 414C85=11000-21
PAL Pommel Size2-4 Blue
Item #: 415C78=SK050-24
Pommel, Size 2
Item #: 415C85=SK020-09
PAL Pommel Size2-4 Orange
Item #: 415C78=SK050-23
1/2" Side Pads Size 1
Item #: 415E85=PK010-21
Headrest, Sz 4
Item #: 415L85=SK040-09
Mygo - Seat Shell Size 2
Item #: 414P88=42000
633 Products found