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Jessica’s OBSS custom seating system: a perfect fit

Jessica’s lived with cerebral palsy her whole life—and appreciates wherever life takes her. Her OBSS Tru-Shape is the perfect fit to help her navigate her day, stay on-the-go, and be who she wants to be. Watch her story to find out more.

Julia's OBSS story

With the OBSS, Julie is better able to interact with her environment and to focus on tasks by providing her with better balance and keeping her more relaxed and comfortable.

Julie and her mother, Pam trying out the OBSS custom seating system.

Cradling her daughter’s head, Pam Gowen said she knew right away that a custom molded seat was the right choice for her 10-year-old girl.

“You could tell by Julie’s expressions after the molding that she was more relaxed,” Pam said. “She needed something more contoured to her body.”

Julie’s typical posture in her previous wheelchair seat involved various twists and curves. With Cerebral Palsy, Julie can’t remain upright without significant support. As a result, her torso twisted severely forcing Julie to face over her left shoulder.

“The linear seating just wasn’t working for Julie. Her trunk was falling,” said Amy Vaughn, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Assistive Technology Professional with Evansville Rehab in Evansville, Indiana. “The old seat forced a 90 degree angle, but Julie is not able to fit into that angle.”

In addition to Julie’s poor alignment, she also required various pillows and pads to keep her upright. Despite those efforts, Julie still wasn’t able to maintain an upright posture because her seating system just didn’t provide the support she needs.

OBSS custom seating involves creating a digital file that precisely reflects the patient’s unique shape and contours. Once that digital file is captured, the customized seating system is created. A test seat can be used to verify that the desired fit and support has been achieved. If the test seat doesn’t provide the level of fit and support a patient requires, it can be adjusted and modified until it is honed into the desired position.