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MPS Seating

Modular Seating System

The MPS seat provides superior support with the adjustability to accommodate a child’s growth. The modular seating system can be adapted with numerous components and accessories – from headrests to swing-away laterals to positioning trays that will ensure the best fit possible and will provide enhanced comfort for a child. The MPS Seat also comes in two different sizes, with three attractive upholstery options. Its easy adjustability, lightweight frame, and many features make it a perfect fit for busy families on the go!

Butterfly Harness

The harness snaps open to make getting in and out of the seat easier.

Adjustable Seat Depth and Width

Make changes to the width and depth of the seat to fit the child.

Undercut Seat Base

May help decrease the risk of pressure sores in the popliteal fossa areas from knee flexion contractures.

Reimbursement Support

See our Reimbursement page for suggested coding and billing, documentation guides, PDAC reviews, clinical studies, and more. Please call the Reimbursement Hotline if you have questions at 800 377 0338.

Instructions for Use DownloadPDF
Determination Letter for Kimba* DownloadPDF
Order Form - U.S. only
Kimba Neo with MPS Seating
* Ottobock would like to make available these copies of the CMS Determination Letters for our Kimba MPS seating system. Our customers are encouraged to include them in the authorization packet when submitting for reimbursement for this product.
Technical Specifications
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