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K2 silicone foot walking with family

Lower Activity Feet: K1, K2

Stability and security

As you know, the first step in selecting prosthetic components is understanding your patient's ability and potential. Will you need a foot designed for stationary stability or one that stores energy for aggressive walking?

K1 Indoor Walker
These products are designed for very basic functions, such as transferring from a chair to a bed. The amount of time and distance this person walks are seriously limited. Products in this category focus on stability and security. Therapy goals for this person include restoring the ability to stand and limited indoor walking.

K2 Restricted Outdoor Walker
Prosthetic knees and feet in this category are designed to help users walk at a consistent pace. These products offer some accommodation for uneven walking surfaces. You should consider products in this category if you prefer not to change your walking speed and take greater care to avoid uneven walking surfaces.

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