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Announcement - Changes to Leckey Distribution:
Ottobock distribution of Leckey products will end effective December 31, 2017. In the USA and Canada, Ottobock will continue to accept orders and ship inventory up to December 29, 2017. Click here for full details.

Leckey Easy Seat

The Easy Seat is designed to grow and go with your child!

Promoting independence is key with all Leckey products, the Easy Seat does so with convenient positioning under tables, allowing children to play at eye-level with their peers. The compact and modular design allows for efficient manuvering in narrow spaces and is equipped with an interchangeable seat, which changes into a potty chair so children can easily be toilet trained.

The depth of the seat is quickly adjusted to suit the height and leg length of your child and the backrest can be re-positioned to let the child sit comfortably at all times.

Ensuring children will always be seated comfortably in a chair designed to accommodate their growth is essential to the early development stages, ultimately making them feel at ease on a daily basis.

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