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The 17B66 Ankle Joint distinguishes itself through its many combination options. It can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of your patient.

Knöchelgelenk 17B66

Multifunction System Ankle Joint 17B66

At a Glance

  • Nine functional variations possible
  • Adaptable to individual patient needs
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Fine-tuning or modification made easy

There are many different types of ankle joints available for patient fittings, many of which are made for specific functions and which therefore have a correspondingly narrow application spectrum. The 17B66 solves this problem. By combining springs, stops, and spring stops in the dorsal or plantar joint channel, nine functional variations can be created. In addition, the 17B66 makes an angle position of 50° possible, which exceeds the physiological range of motion. Within this angle, the orthosis joint can be continuously regulated.

Easy to Fine Tune

Because of these many combination options, the 17B66 Ankle Joint offers ideal adaptation to the various requirements your patients may have. The 17B66 can be individually adapted with little trouble, even when the requirements of your patient change or when fine-tuning is required. 

On the one hand, the joint is suitable for limiting movement, for example in cases of ICP or spina bifida. On the other hand, it can be used to support dorsal extension in cases of lower leg muscle weakness, to prevent hyperextension of the knee joint, or for energy return during toe-off. It is also possible to use the 17B66 for dorsal and plantar support or as a dorsiflex assist with adjustable dorsal stop in case of peroneal palsy with or without a knee joint lock. Four foot bars are available for the construction of various orthosis types.

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