Knee-ankle-foot orthoses

To make our knee-ankle-foot orthoses optimally suited to your needs, we offer a large number of combination possibilities. The systems comply with different requirements and allow individualized fittings.

Free Walk 170K1 of Otto Bock.

Free Walk 170K1

With the Free Walk orthosis, you can make smooth walking and stable standing an ordinary part of your life again.

E-MAG Active

E-MAG Active Knee Joint System 17B202N

The E-MAG Active knee joint system combines mechanics and electronics in order to maximise mobility, safety and reliability.

E-MAG Control knee joint system of Otto Bock.

E-MAG Control Knee Joint System

Whether on the job, at home in your leisure time, the E-MAG Control gives you the extra confidence you need during your everyday activities.

Teaser, 17 LK 1

Knee Joint 17LK1

The unilateral knee joint 17LK1 distinguishes itself through its many adjustment options. It can be adapted to various activity levels and clinical pictures precisely.

System Knee Joints 17B105 of Otto Bock.

System Knee Joints 17B105

With the system knee joints 17B105, custom-made orthoses provide you with the highest level of safety. The joints are made of titanium and are thus especially stable and lightweight.

system knee joints 17B26/3 of Otto Bock.

System Knee Joints 17B26/3

Our system knee joints 17B26/3 provide you with optimal everyday support. The joints move freely and have a stabilizing effect on the knee joint. You can walk and stand more safely once again.


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Children in need – Relief for Syria

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