Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses

We offer a great number of Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses combinations to meet the unique needs of your patients. 

Unilateral joint system 17LK3

Unilateral joint system 17LK3

With the new unilateral joint system consisting of the 17LA3 ankle joint and the 17LK3 knee joint, you have an integrated system available to you that meets modern requirements.
Free Walk Orthosis 170K1 from Otto Bock.

Free Walk Orthosis | 170K1

Walk naturally and stand securely with the Free Walk: The special orthosis system locks the knee joint in the stance phase and unlocks it for the swing phase.

E-MAG Active

E-MAG Active Knee Joint System | 17B202N

The E-MAG Active knee joint system combines mechanics and electronics in order to maximise mobility, safety and reliability.

E-MAG Control from Otto Bock.

E-MAG Control | 17B200

The E-MAG Control combines mechanics with electronics for optimum safety and reliability. The knee locking function is controlled via a wireless remote control.

Unilateral Knee Joint 17LK1 from Otto Bock.

Unilateral Knee Joint | 17LK1

The 17LK1 Unilateral Knee Joint was developed as a modular component – just like the Unilateral Joint System. Three different applications can be created with the individually adaptable joint.


System Knee Joints | 17B105

The System Knee Joints 17B105 are made of titanium and are especially durable and light, which increases patient comfort.


System Knee Joints | 17B26 / 3

The Otto Bock modular joint system offers incredible versatility with real quality. The stainless steel 17B26/3  System Knee Joint moves freely.


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Different documents, CD´s and DVD´s about Otto Bock products.
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