Let’s Open up New Dimensions

The Helix3D is the world’s first prosthetic hip joint that allows for natural three-dimensional hip movements in stance and swing phase by means of a hydraulics control. It sets new standards in terms of safety, dynamics and comfort.

The new Helix3D hip joint system from Otto Bock.

7E10 | Helix3D Hip Joint System

At a glance

  • Helix3D redefines the mobility of hip Amputees
  • New kind of spring-hydraulics control of stance and swing
  • Natural gait pattern due to patented joint structure
  • Allows for optimal alignment of the prosthesis
  • MOBIS® 2 & 3
  • up to 100 kg/220lbs body weight




Helix3D sets a new fitting standard

For fittings of hip Amputees the system sets a new standard in terms of a significant gain in safety, dynamics and comfort.

The patented multi-axis joint structure

  • produces a three-dimensional hip movement to compensate for pelvic rotation and promotes a symmetrical and natural gait pattern.
  • allows for leg length reduction during swing with the aim to reduce the risk of falling and thereby to increase functional safety.
  • ensures optimal sitting characteristics and reduces pelvic obliquity to a minimum.
  • makes a large flexion angle possible, to facilitate everyday situations like putting on shoes or getting into a car.

The new kind of spring-hydraulics combination

  • supports initiation of the swing via integrated expansion springs. Energy stored during stance is used to compensate during the swing phase initiation for the lacking hip muscles and to reduce the amount of energy needed for walking controls the three-dimensional movement during the entire step cycle.
  • allows for dampened, controlled heel strike in stance with significantly reduced hyperlordosis as well as harmonious hip joint extension. Controlled and smooth roll-over on the prosthesis under full load becomes possible.
  • allows for individual stride length setting and to control the pendulum motion in swing.


Image Gallery

Helix3D - Let’s Open up New Dimensions.
Helix3D - Compensation of pelvic rotation.
Helix3D - New kind of spring-hydraulics-control of stance and swing.
Helix3D - PU-elements support initiation of swing.
Helix3D - Systematic Fitting.

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