ActiGait® is a foot lifter stimulator implant that assumes the task of initiating the lifting action of the foot when walking.

3D presentation of the ActiGait principle.
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Impulses for life

Weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot is a frequent problem after a stroke. Because of the paralyzed muscles, the foot is not raised sufficiently when walking. If conventional methods were unable to help you as a stroke patient, Otto Bock offers a completely new therapy: ActiGait® is a foot lifter stimulator implant that assumes the task of initiating the lifting action of the foot when walking.

Scientific studies prove that ActiGait® noticeably increases walking speed and significantly increases walking safety. Therefore ActiGait® has a direct, positive effect on quality of life. You are once again able to focus on your environment and fellow men more easily because walking requires less of your attention. The mobility you gain has a positive effect on your personal well-being and performance.

ActiGait® can be implanted under the skin of the thigh in a day surgery procedure. After the wound has healed, the stimulator is individually adjusted to your needs. The function control unit is so easy to handle that you can even use it with impaired arm functionality.

Video | ActiGait­®

The ActiGait® user Erik goes fishing in the ocean.


Since Erik has been fitted with ActiGait®, he has regained a much more natural gait pattern. When walking, he is no longer dependent on his walking aid, and his gait has become more secure and harmonious. Neither does he need orthoses anymore.
His radius of action has become larger again. Erik can be active the whole day long now, since ActiGait® reduces the energy required for walking. With mobility, the preconditions to maintain social contacts are also improved. Today, Erik spends a lot of time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren again.. 

The ActiGait® user Ann with her dog on the beach.


Ann Nyssum Jørgensen is going for a walk with her dog at the beach. The dog is her loyal companion in her daily life, and needs a lot of exercise. Ann was able to get her dog when she again was sufficiently steady and confident on her legs after her fitting with ActiGait®. Her mobility and confidence are now considerably increased.

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