You want to structure your life actively, and want to be dynamically supported because of weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot. In that case, our WalkOn® Lower Leg Orthosis is ideal for you.

Walk On of Otto Bock.

WalkOn® Lower Leg Orthosis 28U11

At a Glance

  • Raises the foot while the leg swings through
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Helps achieve a more physiological, dynamic gait
  • Comfortable, low-profile designcomfort
  • Designed for active people

The WalkOn® 28U11 is ideally suited for patients with weak dorsiflexion to help maintain the mobility required for daily life. The WalkOn® helps raise the foot while the leg swings through forward and prevents the foot from bending downwards, which causes the forefoot to drag during swing phase. The more efficient gait pattern reduces the risk of tripping or falling while improving the security of walking with a varied cadence.

Typically, patients with weak dorsiflexion compensate by lifting their hip and shoulder during the gait cycle, which can result in additional problems in their sound side. Because the WalkOn® helps improve the gait cycle, patients can reduce their risk for complications.

We designed the WalkOn® especially for the needs of active persons. It is made of carbon fiber, which makes it exceptionally light but very stable. The heel and the anterior part of the foot are flexible for a more dynamic and natural gait pattern – on both even and uneven surfaces. In contrast, the middle foot area and calf band are designed to be stable in order to efficiently support lifting the foot. At the end of the swing-through phase, your foot is dynamically guided back so that you can once again step comfortably with your heel at the start of the standing phase. The energy stored during the heel impact is released when you push forward with your toes. Therefore you have to expend less energy for walking and can cover longer distances without problems.

The orthosis is light and slim, so that it fits inconspicuously under clothes. The removable calf pad increases the level of comfort.

You should wear the orthosis in a sturdy shoe. We recommend that you place the orthosis into the shoe first and then insert your foot. The orthosis then acts like a shoehorn. You should ensure that the hook-and-loop tape used to attach it to the lower leg is sufficiently tight. This allows you to prevent unnecessary movement and possible friction.


  • weak dorsiflexion
  • Peroneal palsy

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