Function and design – The Power Wheelchair B600

At the workplace, outdoors, or at home – with the innovative B600, you are always flexible. The compact indoor and outdoor wheelchair expands your range of activity.

Elektro-Rollstuhl B600 von Otto Bock.

Power Wheelchair B600

At a glance

  • Compact indoor and outdoor wheelchair
  • Individually adjustable
  • Telescoping front frame
  • Combines functionality and design
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Strong motors
  • Basis for electronic seat functions and special controls

At the workplace, in nature, or at home – with the innovative B600, you are always independent and flexible. With this manoeuvrable power wheelchair, you can complete your day-to-day tasks at home or at the office without problems; you are also perfectly equipped for longer outdoor trips. In addition, we placed great emphasis on an attractive design during development.

Manoeuvrable and fast

The B600 does not just look elegant; it also offers many options which allow you to adapt the wheelchair to your personal requirements. For example, you can telescope the front frame so that your weight is ideally distributed between the four wheels. Thus you remain manoeuvrable and fast with the B600, even in small rooms, without any fear of tipping over. On the other hand, even especially large persons can adapt the wheelchair to their body size precisely.

Seat width, height, and angle are adapted especially to you. If you want to change your seating position during the day, the back rest angle and height of the arm rests can be changed in a few easy steps. You can also select from a choice of electronic seat controls. Your rehab technician will inform you exactly regarding these options and the many extras such as step climbers or lift seats.

Large range

You can also pick from a large selection of control options. For example, a special joystick reacts to the smallest finger movements. It is adjusted to your individual touch via finger pressure before every trip. The wheelchair can also be mouth-controlled using a blow-and-suck control.

In spite of all optional accessories, the B600 remains compact, can be easily stowed in the car, and makes activities such as excursions or trips easier. Since it comes with standard lighting, it is also suitable for outdoor use. The range of approximately 35 kilometres makes it possible for you to undertake longer excursions. You can also cross obstacles such as curbs up to a height of ten centimetres without difficulty. The basic B600 travels at a speed of up to six km/h; a ten km/h version is also available if desired.

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