Experience the World – The Children’s Power Wheelchair Skippi

Narrow, fast, and maneuverable – Skippi supports your child’s urge to move and to explore. Naturally, Skippi's colorful design is also attractive.


Children’s Power Wheelchair Skippi

At a Glance

  • Very narrow
  • Manoeuvrable and fast
  • Colourful design
  • Individually adaptable
  • Many fitting options to promote the child
  • Easy to stow

Cross boundaries, develop independence, conquer the outdoors: With Skippi, daily new experiences and exploration are fun. The power wheelchair is narrow, fast, and manoeuvrable. Your child can use it to explore every corner without problems – even in small rooms – and is more mobile and independent. In this way, Skippi supports your child's urge to move and to explore. Naturally, Skippi's colourful design is also attractive.

Rest Position after the Day’s Adventures

During the day, you can adjust the position of the seat and back rest to the needs of your child easily in a single step. While your child can perceive its environment well in the upright seating position and therefore take part in the activities, the reclining rest position is especially suitable for relaxation after the day's adventures.

Especially handy: Skippi can be disassembled in a few simple steps and stowed in the trunk of any compact car. Therefore you can take Skippi along on vacation or excursions without any problems. Your child will become familiar with Skippi quickly. The display on the operating console has child-friendly graphics to indicate the currently selected mode. And: Skippi grows with your child. The seat depth and width and the leg position and angle can be easily adjusted to the body size of your child. You can use the wheelchair over a longer time period.

Skippi offers many fitting options which help to actively promote your child. In many cases, the clinical picture can be improved. For example, you can equip the wheelchair with electronic back angle adjustment, tilt, support person control, therapy table, bumper bar, and seating shell adapter. In addition, various foot rests and head support systems can easily be added. Your rehab technician will inform you exactly regarding all options and, in conjunction with you, will assemble a wheelchair that fits your child. If desired, we offer Skippi with lighting. Thus your child can navigate securely outside and actively discover the environment.

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